Because we are a team.


Kiko Fonseca

Kiko Fonseca is an agricultural engineer, PhD in Environmental and Soil Sciences by the University of Lleida. He was awarded with a Beatriu de Pinós postdoctoral fellowship carrying out a stay at Decagon Devices (Pullman, WA USA), one of the worldwide leading companies in the development of sensors for the agricultural sector. His experience includes several projects both in the private and public fields. In Lab-Ferrer, he applied his broad knowledge in soil physics in areas as diverse as crop irrigation scheduling, soil thermal properties for underground electrical network design, water balance in landfills, soil mapping, saline soils recovery and equipment design for measuring soil respiration and physical properties. At the University of Lleida, he has worked on research projects with Prof. Ildefonso Pla-Sentís about soil degradation and conservation, and with Profs. JM Villar and Miquel Pascual in efficient use of water and fertilizers. In the extension field, he has given several lectures in different universities of Spain, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Kiko is the AKIS International expert in creative development of new strategies and concepts.

Joan Lordan

Agronomist and PhD in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Lleida. He has extensive experience in production technology of crops and irrigation systems. He carried out a one-year stay at the University of Helsinki (Finland). His research work has been focused on the efficiency of water use in agricultural systems. Joan is AKIS engineer specializing in fruit and vegetable production in limiting conditions.

Josep Papió

Agronomist and Master in Management and Innovation in the food industry by the University of Lleida. He has conducted research projects in collaboration with the University of Lleida, the Agriculture Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia and private companies of pesticides. In 2011 he conducted a research at Colorado State University, where he worked on a project of the Natural Ecology Research Lab carbon in the soil that allowed him to gain knowledge about the sustainability of different types of agricultural production. Josep is one of field engineers specialize in fruit and vegetable production.

Víctor Montilla

Víctor Montilla is a forestry engineer, with a Master Degree in Forest Engineering. During the last years, he has worked in several research projects in collaboration with the University of Lleida and the Catalan Agri-Food Research Center IRTA, thus expanding his knowledge and providing agronomic insights to his training, but never leaving the forestry field. Being a photography lover, he has worked over these years in the development of a brand-new highly visual and understandable tool: quantitative image analysis applied to the world of agricultural and forestry management and research. Víctor provides AKIS International with photography as a powerful system for fast and accurate decision-making in terms of bloom, vegetative growth and productive response.

Víctor Falguera

Víctor Falguera graduated in Agricultural Engineering in 2008, receiving an extraordinary award from the Spanish Ministry of Education. After completing a Research Master, from 2009 to 2012 he carried out two Ph.D. simultaneously, one of them in Agri-Food Science & Technology at University of Lleida and the other one in Engineering & Advanced Technologies at University of Barcelona (both of which finished with cum laude mentions). His research expertise includes two stays at Washington State University (Pullman, WA, USA) and Universidad del Tolima (Ibagué, Colombia), and several projects developed in collaboration with researchers from Spain, France, Brazil, México, Colombia and USA. As a result of some of them, since 2009 more than 40 publications have been accepted in several of the world’s most important journals in the fields of Food Science and Technology and Agriculture. Coming from the food engineering field, Víctor is the AKIS International expert in advanced multivariate data analysis.